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What is evolved?

it's where a Pokemon has to have a certain item needs a certain move,needs traded, or has to get to certain lv.(level) to change into a similar form.Some Pokemon can evolve mo (MORE)
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What are you evolved from?

Well people say that humans evolve from monkeys but life on Earth has evolved through billions of years through small microorganism's. Also humans didn't evolve from apes, we (MORE)
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How did we evolve?

Modern homo sapiens developed from a species known as homo erectus ; erectus was the first hominid to walk upright hence the Latin name. The first appearance of sapien (MORE)
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When do you evolve?

There are many kinds you can do it. You can level up (may need item, happiness, place, time of day, or certain moves ), use trading system (with item or certain pokemon), use (MORE)
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What is evolve?

To evolve means to grow or change into something else. You can beone shape and evolve into another shape for example.
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What is a evolve?

Evolving is what Pokemon do when they change shape and strength. You can stop evolution by pressing "B," or holding everstone.
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What did you evolve from?

I did not evolve from anything! Individuals are naturally selected and populations evolve. Understanding this simple fact can explain certain things that creationists do not s (MORE)
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Who did you evolve from?

" What " did I evolve from is the correct question. To be local in my answer, I and Pan troglodyte plus Pan paniscus evolved from a common ancestor about six million years ago (MORE)
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What do you have to do for it to evolve?

You have to Level it up in Battles. Once you get to a certain level... It will evolve right after. Another way pokemon evolve is frienship, once there happiness level is hig (MORE)
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What have you evolved from?

From my ancestors, which, like me, were human, great ape, ape, primate, mammal, tetrapod, vertebrate, animal eukaryotes.