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Was Jerry Lewis in Lil Abner?

Yes, he made a cameo appearance, but his name was not to be used in  the credits. He is Itchy McRabbit, who is used prove the  effectiveness of "Stupefyin' Jones" (Julie New (MORE)

Why did king David give Abner his first wife Michal?

He didn't! Her father, Saul, gave her to another man, Paltiel, after she helped David to flee his jealous rage. David became a brigand, and neither returned nor tried to get M (MORE)

Did king david ever find out that abner kill absalom?

Abner did not kill Absalom. Joab, the commander of David's army did (II Samuel 18:14-15). Before David died Joab joined himself with Adonijah as Adonijah wanted to be king whe (MORE)

Where can you find the poem by Gavin Ewart that begins i want him to have one last summer?

A 14-Year-Old Convalescent Cat in Winter I want him to have another living summer, to lie in the sun and enjoy the douceur de vivre - because the sun, like golden rum in a (MORE)

What year did Abner Doubleday invent baseball?

  Answer     Contrary to a once-widely promoted theory that Abner Doubleday invented baseball (presumably in 1839), there is no evidence that he did other than t (MORE)
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Why does abner burn Barnes in barn burning?

Abner shows some strange respect for fire because it is his weapon of choice like a sword or gun for other men. Not only does he burn down barns with this weapon, but he also (MORE)