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Does a hypothesis have to be true?

No. In fact, in statistics, an hypothesis is a statement whose  truth is to be tested. In science, an hypothesis is a way of  summarising a body of information that is capab (MORE)
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What do you put in a hypothesis?

A hypothesis is an educated guess, therefore, you would put anything that you belive is true and you have possibly some background knowledge about it (give some reason why you (MORE)

How do you write hypothesis?

You write an if-then statement to represent what you think will happen at the end of your experiment. For example, let's say someone did an experiment on if chemicals effect p (MORE)

When does a hypothesis occur?

a hypothesis doesn't occur... a hypothesis is an educated guess, basically what you think is going to happen based on solid data or just a hunch if you really don't know...
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What is testable hypothesis?

A testable hypothesis is one which you can formulate an experiment around. In simpler terms, a testable hypothesis is one you can test to see if it is true or not.

What is the protoplanet hypothesis?

The hypothesis states that during the formation of a star, the original nebula disk may be so massive that upon further contraction and flattening, it breaks into separate clo (MORE)

What is the epicurean hypothesis?

The Epicuran Hypothesis was a philosophical question framed by  Epicurus, who lived circa 200 BCE. It is an important part of  atheism and a poser to Christianity ( and all (MORE)

What do you have to do to a hypothesis?

when you have a hypothesis, you have to guess what will happen during your expierement before you start testing it. for example if you are doing a project on heredity then you (MORE)