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What is stool examination?

its a treatment to diagnose parasitic infection. directs and/or microscopic examination of a stool sample detects the presence of parasites or their ova (eggs).
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Are examinations important?

Of course it is. Without examinations, students would not know their standard of knowledge, they would not be aware of their own mistakes and misconceptions. Though examinatio (MORE)

Is examination necessary?

Examinations:    are the best way to judge your progress;  can prove yourself ready to proceed to next level;  will test skills and the appropriateness of your  direc (MORE)

How examination is important?

An examination individually shows your own knowledge and understanding of the subject; and a good pass is usually valuable or even necessary for further education, obtaining p (MORE)

Why do you need an examination?

Because i want to study, to be able to learn more, help my country and make my school & Parents proud of me.   you need to know where you are standing. is it like an expert (MORE)

What is the examination of conscience?

  By this term is understood a review of one's past thoughts, words and actions for the purpose of ascertaining their conformity with, or difformity from, the moral law. D (MORE)

What rhymes with examination?

corporation, nation, ration, station, elation, oration, ovation, creation, citation, donation, duration, location, mutation, vocation, vacation, formation, salvation, sensatio (MORE)
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What are the meaning in examinated?

Examinated means 1. to observe carefully or critically. 2. to study or analyse. 3. to test or check condition or health. 4. to determine qualifications. 5. tom ask a (MORE)