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What is examination report?

An examination report usually contains the student's performanceduring the exam. It gives a numerical score and a grade such as Aor B. Often there is a comment from the examin (MORE)

What is examination failure?

Examination failure occurs when students and trainees fail toattain a pass mark in an examination. Students can redeemthemselves by passing supplemental exams.

What is to examine?

Question: what is to examine? Answer: To examine is to give exercises to the students in order to determine their understanding and proficiency of the subject.

What rhymes with examination?

corporation, nation, ration, station, elation, oration, ovation, creation, citation, donation, duration, location, mutation, vocation, vacation, formation, salvation, sensatio (MORE)
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What is a Radiographic examination?

It is Grenz apparatus's shows the spatial arrangement of minute metallic particle which may be impregnated in the cloth and could not be detected by microscopic examination (MORE)

How do you examine a joint?

In examining a joint, the first thing is a visual exam. The joint is palpated (touched), moved, checked for heat, redness and discomfort (look - feel - move). From this examin (MORE)

How examination important?

An examination is important so your teacher knows what type of material you can comprehend. It is also a way of deciding if you get to move to honors or advanced placement.
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What is stool examination?

its a treatment to diagnose parasitic infection. directs and/or microscopic examination of a stool sample detects the presence of parasites or their ova (eggs).
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