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Advantages Public examination system?

good evening sir,. my name is sree, iam studied first year in sree sai padmavathi degree in tirupati. I request sir, please first year degree examination date of timeta (MORE)

2009 12th standard public examination timetable?

12th STANDARD PUBLIC EXAM TIME TABLE 2009 . By worldinspiration. 02/03/09-language first paper. 03/03/09-language second paper. 05/03/09-english first paper. 06/03/09-e (MORE)
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2010 12th standard public examination timetable?

8th - March - 2012 (Thursday) - Tamil 1st Paper 9th - March - 2012 (Friday) - Tamil 2nd Paper 12th - March - 2012 (Monday) - English 1st Paper 13th - March - 2012 (Tuesd (MORE)

In Athens there was no public prosecutor and cross-examination of the not allowed?

No, court cases were between each person involved. Each gaveevidence, and the jury decided. Nor were there judges - just thejuries. The parties made their case within a period (MORE)