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What is macro Excel?

  Macro is feature in MS Excel software which records all the steps and all the steps can be repeated whenever a same task is required to be performed. It helps in reducti (MORE)

What is a condition in excel?

A condition is a criteria that helps the spreadsheet make a decision. So if you had a list of exam results and you wanted to put the words Fail or Pass beside each result, bas (MORE)

What is the range in Excel?

The range is the cells that are selected or used in some way. For example, a SUM function using a range of A2:A4 would add the values in A2, A3, and A4, or all of the cells wi (MORE)

What does filter do in an Excel?

The "filter" function looks at all the contents in a column and allows you to select only those entries you want to see. This can be very useful if the column only contains a (MORE)

What is managerial excellence?

Managerial excellence is when a manager displays command over his or her function in the workplace and demonstrates good leadership skills. For example, a manager who comes in (MORE)

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What is Excel and how is it used?

Excel is a spreadsheet program. It's mainly used fro  manipulating figures. for example, a teacher could use it to list  all the pupils in her class, along with their homewo (MORE)

What is cell in excel?

In any spreadsheet program such as Excel, each rectangular box in a rowworksheet is referred to as a cell.
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What is vlookup in Excel?

It is an inbuilt function and it stands for vertical lookup. Suppose you have two worksheets with information on for the same person. On each worksheet you have an identifyi (MORE)

How do you add in excel?

  Method 1: Type the following in a cell "=5+5" and you will get 10   Method 2: To add to cell values "=C5+D5" (content of 5th Row Column C & D)   Method 3: To add s (MORE)