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How do you treat excessive uric acid?

People with high uric acid level in the blood but have no symptoms of gout can be treated with drugs to lower this level. Unless the amount of uric acid in the urine is very l (MORE)

What is an excess waiver?

Most of insurance policies include excesses - minimum amount you'll have to pay in case of an accident. E.g. if your bill is for $300 and your excess is $100, your insurance c (MORE)
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Why excessive yawning?

well doctors have proved that yawning has a direct connection to the amount of oxygen in someones blood. lower levels tend to make us tired or fatigued. when we need to be a (MORE)

Excessive obligations in relation to income?

It means that you have too much debt in relation to your income. Stop buying on credit, cut down on all your spending, make bigger payments to pay off your debt more quickly, (MORE)
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Why should you not eat excess of food?

Excess Food can lead to excess calories (if not burned away by exercise or daily activities), excess fat in blood and fat on organs, etc, leading to greater illness.
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How is excess salt removed from your body?

In the kidneys there is a structure called the nephron which helps to get rid of salt through water intake using hormones, and it gets excreted by peeing through the urinary t (MORE)

What are the excess of vitamin?

Excess of vitamin intake or vitamin overdose is called hypervitaminosis. It is a condition of high storage levels of vitamin, which can lead to toxicity. Hypervitaminosis A is (MORE)
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What cell removes excess what from flatworms?

Answer: flame cells Flatworms eliminate excess water through a network of excretory tubules that are connected to flame cells. Flame cells collect excess water, which is then (MORE)