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What is excess of democracy?

Answer . I first heard this phrase in John McMurty's: The Cancer Stage of Capitalism. He was quoting from a report commissioned by the Trilateral Commission in the mid-1970 ( Full Answer )
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Why excessive yawning?

well doctors have proved that yawning has a direct connection to the amount of oxygen in someones blood. lower levels tend to make us tired or fatigued. when we need to be a ( Full Answer )
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What is excessive repetition?

Excessive repetition of the same vowel or consonant sound. Repetition of the same sense is tautology. Repetition of the same sound is tautophony.
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What are the excess of vitamin?

Excess of vitamin intake or vitamin overdose is called hypervitaminosis. It is a condition of high storage levels of vitamin, which can lead to toxicity . Hypervitaminosi ( Full Answer )
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What is excess food?

excess food causes obesity when you eat more than you are meant to eat .
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What is excess notation?

Excess notation represents numbers in order using the number at the transition point of the high-order bit as zero. The zero point is taken as the excess number for the high-o ( Full Answer )
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What is excessive vomiting?

Vomiting excessively means that you keep vomiting and vomiting. Here's a tip (if you are vomiting excessively): Drink water. Your body needs liquids at this time. If you're ( Full Answer )
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What is excessive intake?

Excessive intake is when you take in something excessively... For example, if you really enjoy chocolate and happen to win a lifetime supply of it and you eat thirty pounds of ( Full Answer )
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What is excessive hunting?

When you exceed the legal limit, and kill more than you or your family can eat.
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What is excessive pronation?

When foot pronation becomes extreme from the foot turning in and dropping beyond the normal limit, a condition known as excessive pronation creates a mechanical problem in the ( Full Answer )