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Is exciting an adjective?

Yes, it is an adjective, meaning causing excitement. It is a form of the verb excite. However, exciting can also be used as a noun (gerund), to mean the act of exciting some (MORE)

What is excitement?

Its when you get really anxious about something Excitement is the feeling of freedom that happens when all capacity and ability bloom and flow. Stone Cutting growth; High lev (MORE)
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What is vibration exciters?

Vibration exciters are active systems and can generally be used for  high-precision excitation of structures to vibrations and for the  specific reduction of structural vibr (MORE)
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What are excitable tissues?

excitable tissue is the tissue that can undergo rapid change in their membrane potential which is important to transport electrical signals. by this they can respond to stimul (MORE)

What is exciter?

Block Up Converter, is used in the transmission (uplink) ofsatellite signals. It converts a band (or "block") of frequenciesfrom a lower frequency to a higher frequency. Moder (MORE)
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What is the exciting force?

The exciting force is the moment that follows the introduction (also called exposition or set-up) of a drama and initiates the rising action (also called development); it co (MORE)

What is the plural of excite?

The word excite is a verb, and has no plural.   When used in the present tense, the form used with the third-person  singular is excites, while the form for all other per (MORE)

What excites you about your work?

well if you love your job then that would excite you , or maybe you might get a promotion, or maybe something interesting is happening at work. or maybe you didn't go to coll (MORE)