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What is exciter?

Block Up Converter, is used in the transmission (uplink) ofsatellite signals. It converts a band (or "block") of frequenciesfrom a lower frequency to a higher frequency. Moder (MORE)
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What is excitation?

It is the creation of a permanent magnetic field through a passage of DC by an electric current carrying conductor

What excites you?

Everyone draws excitement from different sources. Waking uphealthy, alive, and ready to take on the world is just about asexciting as things can get.

A synonym for exciting?

Part of Speech:. verb . Definition:. inspire; upset. Synonyms:. accelerate , agitate , amaze , anger , animate , annoy , arouse , astound , awaken , bother , cha (MORE)

What is excitement?

Its when you get really anxious about something Excitement is the feeling of freedom that happens when all capacity and ability bloom and flow. Stone Cutting growth; High lev (MORE)

How do you not get excited?

You can not get excited by thinking unhappy thoughts and thinking of the negative. These are some other ways,...* Be mad and not participate* Be sad and not in a good mood* th (MORE)

What excites you about IT?

If you are applying for an IT position, you should be able to citewhy you enjoy IT work. Employers want to hire people who have apassion for what they do.
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How to be exciting?

U don't always have to be hyper and crazy! Simply talk more, dance around, hug people! Do things nobody would expect and stand out!. be a weirdo! ;-)
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How can you do if you are excited?

if a particular person is excited about something than one uses his skill and knowledge to give best of what he has resulting in good quality of performance and his work is ap (MORE)