(ĭk-sklū'zhən) pronunciation
  1. The act or practice of excluding.
  2. The condition or fact of being excluded.

[Middle English exclusioun, from Latin exclūsiō, exclūsiōn-, from exclūsus, past participle of exclūdere, to shut. See exclude.]

exclusionary ex·clu'sion·ar'y (-zhə-nĕr'ē) adj.

has become the offically used word in education for what used to be called, rather more dramatically and with stronger physical implications, expulsion. Similarly, a school pupil is said to be excluded rather than (as formerly) expelled. But the term is no freer than its predecessor from unwelcome overtones, since exclusion order, 'an order issued under any of various Acts of Parliament excluding a person from a particular location, esp. as a means of preventing the commission of certain criminal acts' (Old English (up to 1150)D), has occupied this ground as a term in UK law since the 1940s (originally with reference to Palestine).

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Contracts: item not covered by a contract. For example, an insurance policy may list certain hazards, such as acts of war, that are excluded from coverage.

Taxes: on a tax return, items that must be reported, but not taxed. For example, corporations are allowed to exclude 70% of dividends received from other domestic corporations. Gift tax rules allow donors to exclude up to $12,000 worth of gifts to donees annually.

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Definition: expulsion; forbiddance
Antonyms: acceptance, addition, admittance, allowance, inclusion, incorporation, welcome

An amount which otherwise would constitute gross income but which, under some specific provision of the Internal Revenue Code, is excluded from gross income. For example, some items specifically excluded from gross income include certain life insurance and employee death benefits, IRC §101, gifts and inheritances, IRC §102, interest on governmental obligations, IRC §103, certain compensatory payments for injury or sickness and accident and health plan payments, certain scholarships and fellowships , IRC §117, and some meals and lodging furnished by an employer, IRC §119. Compare deductions. Another meaning is denial of entry to a country. Compare deportation.

A shutting out or elimination; surgical isolation of a part, as of a segment of intestine, without removal from the body.

  • competitive e. (CE) — a term used to describe the protective effect of the natural or native bacterial flora of the intestine in limiting the colonization of some bacterial pathogens. Competitive exclusion products are also called probiotics, direct-fed microbials or CE cultures.
  • e. principle — it is possible to prove from a parentage test that a particular animal is not the true parent but it is impossible to prove that a particular animal is a parent.
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  • Insurance - exclusion: contingency not covered by policy




Dansk (Danish)
n. - udelukkelse, undtagelse


  • exclusion order    indrejseforbud, opholdsforbud
  • to the exclusion of    for at udelukke

Nederlands (Dutch)

Français (French)
n. - exclusion


  • exclusion order    ordre d'exclusion, ordre d'expulsion
  • to the exclusion of    à l'exclusion de

Deutsch (German)
n. - Ausschluß


  • exclusion order    offizielle Einreiseverweigerung nach GB
  • to the exclusion of    unter Ausschluß von

Ελληνική (Greek)
n. - αποκλεισμός, εξαίρεση


  • exclusion order    απαγόρευση εισόδου στη χώρα
  • to the exclusion of    αποκλειομένου του...

Italiano (Italian)


  • exclusion order    ordine di espulsione
  • to the exclusion of    escluso

Português (Portuguese)
n. - exclusão (f)


  • exclusion order    ordem (f) de exclusão
  • to the exclusion of    a ponto de excluir

Русский (Russian)
недопущение, исключение, изгнание, выдворение


  • exclusion order    запрещение въезда в страну
  • to the exclusion of    за исключением

Español (Spanish)
n. - exclusión


  • exclusion order    orden judicial que prohibe el ingreso
  • to the exclusion of    con exclusión de

Svenska (Swedish)
n. - uteslutande, uteslutning

中文(简体)(Chinese (Simplified))
排除, 逐出, 除外


  • exclusion order    驱逐令
  • to the exclusion of    排斥着

中文(繁體)(Chinese (Traditional))
n. - 排除, 逐出, 除外


  • exclusion order    驅逐令
  • to the exclusion of    排斥著

한국어 (Korean)
n. - 배제


  • to the exclusion of    ~을 제외하고

日本語 (Japanese)
n. - 除外, 排除, 入国拒否, 排他


  • exclusion order    入国拒否命令
  • to the exclusion of    締め出すほどに

العربيه (Arabic)
‏(الاسم) استبعاد, استثناء‏

עברית (Hebrew)
n. - ‮מניעה, הרחקה‬

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