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What is social exclusion?

Social exclusion refers to certain group of people who are excluded  from enjoying equal opportunities, resources and rights that others  do because of their low income leve (MORE)
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What is a cc exclusion?

C/C Exclusions: Sometimes the codes designated as CCs (complication/comorbiditys) or MCCs (Major Complication/Comorbidity) do not affect the MS-DRG. It all depends on which pr (MORE)

What is sexual exclusivity?

Sexual exclusivity is the state in which one person is available only to certain persons, or even just one person. For instance, in Christian marriages the couple are sexual e (MORE)
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What is an xcu exclusion?

THe "XCU" Exclusion is a euphemistic term for an exclusion that once applied to Standard General Liability policies that exlcuded the perisl of Ecplosion, Collapse and Undergr (MORE)
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What is Binary Exclusion?

A system of problem solving whereby you attempt to eliminate at least half of the probabilities or variables with each test. A more efficient way to use Process of Elimination (MORE)

What are exclusion laws?

Exclusion laws are laws passed to prohibit further immigration from a particular country or region. They are rarely seen today, and not at all in free countries, although they (MORE)

What is mutual exclusion?

It is one of thecharacteristics of deadlock. When semaphores are used or mutual exclusion, the semaphore has an initial value of 1, and P() is called before the critical secti (MORE)

What is an exclusive or?

It's a logic gate in electronics, with 2 inputs and one output. If either input is at level 1, then the output is 1. Any other combinations of input, results in the output (MORE)