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What is excommunication?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nofficial edict that bars a person from church membership and from taking part in any church ceremonies
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What is a bull of excommunication?

Answer A bull of excommunication or papal bull, is an official notice from the church authorities or the pope which notifies the recipient of their excommunication from the ( Full Answer )
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What is excommunicated?

To be excommunicated means to be excluded from the community of believers. It is a severe penalty intended to express the severity of a particular act and to encourage the per ( Full Answer )
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What does Excommunicate mean?

Roman Catholic Answer Excommunication is the most severe punishment that the Church hands out, it is indeed a punishment meant to bring an erring sinner to their senses bef ( Full Answer )
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What does excommunication mean?

Excommunication means that a person has been excluded (put out of communion with) the Church. An excommunicated person may not receive any of the sacraments until the excommun ( Full Answer )
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Why was Madonna excommunicated?

Madonna has never been formally excommunicated. She is simply a lapsed Catholic who is not in good standing with the Catholic church.
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Was Scotland excommunicated?

yes due to Papal infallibility the excommunication could not be rescinded so Scotland was made a into a new nation by changing the capital from Perth to Edinburgh thus exonera ( Full Answer )
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Can a Jew be excommunicated?

In egregious cases of non-compliance, a Beth Din (Jewish court) can decree that someone is not to be dealt with, spoken to, approached, or counted for a minyan (for prayers).
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Was Siena excommunicated?

yes twice! Both in the 8C AD and 14C AD following local riots attributed by the Church as un-Catholic. Siena has since been accepted by into the Chuch and under the guidanc ( Full Answer )
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What does excommunicate means?

To excommunicate a person from a church or religious body you will ask them to leave. They are no longer a member of that particular group, however it does not have to affect ( Full Answer )