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What is excretion?

Excretion is a biological process by which metabolic waste products and toxic materials are removed from the body of an organism. It's an essential part in life, because it ge (MORE)

How do wolves excrete?

the wolves bend over or sit just like us people and excrete there fluid and solids Think of the word excrete as waste so how does a wolf get rid of waste? they go pee of po (MORE)
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Why do you excrete?

if we did not excerte (poop) than our stomach or bladder will fill up and you will evenualy feel ill and die! :)
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How do ants excrete?

Ants do not technically urinate, because they excrete all waste through a single orifice, which is called the anus.

How do frogs excrete?

Liquid waste leaves from the kidneys by way of the ureters to the  urinary bladder. Solid wastes leave from the large intestine pass  into the cloaca. Liquid and solid waste (MORE)

How do meerkats excret?

The excretory system of meerkats is similar to that of other  mammals. They have kidneys and a urinary bladder, and their urine  is liquid.

What does excretion do?

it makes the room stink   Excretion is separating or eliminating waste from the body. For example, when we go to the bathroom, we excrete "poo-poo" from our body through th (MORE)