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What is a sentence for execration?

It means cursing, denouncing, or harsh words. "His villainous actions were deserving of execration." "His decision subjected him to execration by the stockholders."
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Execrate in a sentence?

To execrate somebody is to feel loathing for somebody. An examplesentence would be: He could not possibly execrate her any more.
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What is a sentence for execrate?

Execrate - (verb) to denounce as vile or evil; to curse or to detest Example: Archaeologists execrate the destruction of Inca works of art by Spanish conquistadores, who mel ( Full Answer )
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How do you use the word execration in a sentence?

Execration refers to the act of condemning or cursing at somethingor someone. An example of this word in a sentence might be, "WhenJim stubbed his toe, he let loose an execrat ( Full Answer )