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What is physical exertion?

It Is when you exercise (run, fight, etc.) and your heart pounds, breathing hard, etc. That's Where the Term "Dont Overexert Yourself" comes from.
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What is exertion?

  ex·er·tion[ig-zur-shuhn]   -noun1.vigorous action or effort: physical and mental effort: a great exertion to help others.3.exercise, as of power or fa (MORE)
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What does exerted mean?

Well...exert is putting(oneself)to making a effort;like exercise. Exerted is just past tense. It also means putting to use.
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What are exertion headaches?

Exertion headaches, sometimes also called exercise-induced headaches, are a type of head pain which comes on suddenly after physical exertion, such as exercise or sexual int (MORE)
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What is a exert?

when you give out or exaust something like:   I exerted all my energy during football practice
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What is exertional heatstroke?

Exertional heatstroke is caused by strenuous activity in a hot  environment, when the body reaches a temperature of 41.1 degrees  Celsius.
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What is the adjective for exert?

The past participle of the verb to exert can be used as an adjective: exerted. Another related adjective is exertive, which also relates to the noun exertion (there being no s (MORE)