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What is perceived exertion?

Perceived Exertion is a scale used to describe the difficulty or physical effort involved in certain activities. Given the practical difficulties in monitoring heart rate, per (MORE)
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What is physical exertion?

It Is when you exercise (run, fight, etc.) and your heart pounds, breathing hard, etc. That's Where the Term "Dont Overexert Yourself" comes from.
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What is exertion?

ex·er·tion[ig- zur -sh uh n] . -noun . 1.. vigorous action or effort: physical and mental exertion. . 2.. an effort: a great exertion to help others. . 3.. exe (MORE)
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What is a exert?

when you give out or exaust something like:. I exerted all my energy during football practice
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What does a machine exert?

A machine exerts a great amount of energy. This is because machinesare meant to do things that are often difficult or time consumingquickly and efficiently.
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What is exertional syncope?

I think that exertional syncope is a kind of cardiac syncope. During exertion the patient with heart disease would be unable to supply enough oxygen to the brain, causing dizz (MORE)
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What is exerting pressure?

Force exerts pressure. For example: At the surface of the Earth the column of air in the atmosphere above an area has a mass that exerts a force (due to gravity) on that surf (MORE)
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What is exert fitness?

exert fitness is a gym you can have classes 3~6 10 to 11 and 7~16 11 to 12
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What exerts force?

A force is a push or pull acting upon an object as a result of its interaction with another object. ie myself against a rock or my trying to pull the rock
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What is the meaning of exertion?

exertion . noun 1. vigorous action or effort: physical and mental exertion. . 2. an effort: a great exertion to help others. . 3. exercise, as of power or facultie (MORE)