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Is there a Mr. Exeter contest in exeter England?

Yes there used to be it was organized by me David Bucknell back in 1970 onwards till 1990 the club that I helped run was knowen as the exeter sparton club, but unfortunatly it (MORE)
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Who are the exeter chiefs?

the exeter chiefs are a excellent rugby team in the national division one Exeter Chiefs Are Actually Currently In The Aviva Premiership The top flight of English rugby
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What is the population of Exeter?

The population of exeter is 32million when last checked in . Your Obviously A Leprachaun. :) Actually You Are All Wrong Except David And Gareth :) So Go Check Your Books (MORE)
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What is exeter in latin?

The city of Exeter was called Isca in Roman times, so I assume that's what it is in Latin since that is what they spoke.
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How did Exeter get its name?

According to Tim Lambert, (Author of the piece on the website listed below), 'Exe' is a Celtic word meaning 'the water.' When the Roman's left and the Saxon's came, the Sax (MORE)
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Is there a Hollister in Exeter?

Not yet, but other places in the UK where there is a hollisterstores are Hollister has just got planning permission to have one in Exeterbut is not yet open Aberdeen Belfast (MORE)