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How hard is it to get into Phillips Exeter Academy?

Exeter is pretty hard to get into. It's got an acceptance rate of 17% and most applicants have an average SSAT score in the 91st percentile. To get in you have to have great g (MORE)

Is Phillips exeter academy a good school?

Yes, it is an amazing school and to get in, you have to have amazing grades, a fantastic SAT score and over all, you have to be one of the smartest and respected teenagers in (MORE)

What is the difference between Phillips Academy and Phillips Exeter Academy?

Phillips Academy (usually referred to as Andover) and Phillips Exeter Academy (usually referred to as Exeter) are two completely different schools. They have a rivalry against (MORE)

Roman road from lincoln to exeter?

The Fosse Way is on a Roman road that connects the towns of Lincoln  and Exeter in England. It was originally built to move the vast  armies the Romans sent to the British I (MORE)

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