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What is the distance from Kent to Exeter?

Since Kent is an county and Exeter is a city is difficult to work out. Since Maidstone is the county town of Kent, I'll say from Maidstone to Exeter, which is 204 miles or app (MORE)

How hard is it to get into Phillips Exeter Academy?

Exeter is pretty hard to get into. It's got an acceptance rate of 17% and most applicants have an average SSAT score in the 91st percentile. To get in you have to have great g (MORE)

What is it like to go to Phillips Exeter Academy?

Well, my name is Alicia and I currently attend Andover. I was accepted to both Exeter and Andover, but I obviously chose Andover. My brother goes to Exeter right now and he te (MORE)

Is Phillips exeter academy a good school?

Yes, it is an amazing school and to get in, you have to have amazing grades, a fantastic SAT score and over all, you have to be one of the smartest and respected teenagers in (MORE)

How long to fly from exeter to turkey?

A flight from Exeter to Turkey can take anywhere from 19 hours to  24 hours. The length of the flight may depend on the airline, the  time of the flight, and the number of s (MORE)

Roman road from lincoln to exeter?

The Fosse Way is on a Roman road that connects the towns of Lincoln  and Exeter in England. It was originally built to move the vast  armies the Romans sent to the British I (MORE)

Number 4 of the Exeter Book Riddle?

"Ring me, they ring me. ..I work long hours and must readily obey my master, break my rest, and loudly proclaim that my guardian gave me a halter. ..A man or a woman, weary or (MORE)