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What is science and technology?

Science and Technology . Science and technology is a term of art used to encompass the relationship between science and technology. It frequently appears within titles of a (MORE)
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What is the difference science and technology?

Science deals with understanding how the universe works, and technology deals with the creation of useful devices based upon scientific understanding.
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What is the role of science and technology in Agriculture?

Science and technology play a huge role in today's modern agriculture. The creation of machines has enabled farmers to work larger fields with less people in shorter amounts o (MORE)

Which is oldest science and technology?

The technology is oldest as compared with science. We find many samples of technology in the oldest cultures of the world . We have very fines stone tools and other articles f (MORE)

How are science and technology related?

Science is a systematic way of acquiring knowledge,requires the use of scientific skills such as observation,inference etc. Technology is the application of science. Techn (MORE)
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What are the benefits you can get from science and technology?

There are nearly unlimited benefits from science and technology. Technology can make our lives easier through the use of medical supplies and other things, such as cellphones. (MORE)

How is science different from technology?

The basic and simplest difference is that science is the  investigation and explanation of natural and man made phenomena.   Technology is the application of the results (MORE)

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