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What is an exhaust fan?

Exhaust fan , commonly located on the right side of the machine, isa special fan that sucks in all the exhaust the machine is using,it should also be able to suck in little sc (MORE)
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What is exhaust?

The word "exhaust" can refer to a couple different things. For one, it is generally used to describe any excess (usually waste) that is thrown out or not used. For example, ex (MORE)
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What is the definition of exhausted?

to be drained of strength or energy, to wear out or be fatigued. It can also mean to create a vacuum in a vessel, to draw out or drain completely
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What is Volitional Exhaustion?

Volitional exhaustion is the point at which a person cannot perform a muscular contraction and voluntarily terminates the contraction (Pitcher & Miles, 1997) Pitcher, J.B., (MORE)
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What is a turbo exhaust?

It's a turbine mounted in the exhaust manifold to give more power and smoother running to the engine.
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Is water exhaustible?

no it is a renewable resource save the planet and love Justin Bieber and your life will be fine
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Why do you get exhausted when you exercise?

When you exercise, the energy is provided by the breakdown of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). ATP is of limited supply and when the body runs short of this and there is insuffic (MORE)
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What is the adjective for exhausted?

The word exhausted *is* an adjective, the past participle of the verb (to exhaust). The present participle, exhausting, can also be an adjective. A related adjective with di (MORE)
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What is exhausting in canning?

Exhausting cannig is a food process to eliminate air over de product before the liding and the sterilizing process in order to permit ideal thermical changes during the thermi (MORE)
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What is the adverb for exhaust?

1:Exhaustedly - The workers finished their work exhaustedly 2:Exhaustively - He had an exhaustive method. 3: Exhaustingly - She exhaustingly danced for two hours.