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What is the adverb for exhaust?

1:Exhaustedly - The workers finished their work exhaustedly 2:Exhaustively - He had an exhaustive method. 3: Exhaustingly - She exhaustingly danced for two hours.

What is Dyeing Exhaustion?

  Dyeing Exhaustion means that, the Dye is completely fix on the substrate and no more dye can go on to the substrate (any thing use to be dyed). In other words, The com (MORE)

Why does your exhaust backfire?

Spark plug wires are installed incorrectly, or the enigne is out of time.. Too much fule that is not being combusted in the engine. Fuel gets into the hot exhaust, then ignit (MORE)

How does the exhaust from your car get in?

The exhaust gets into the passenger compartment usually by a hole in the body of the vehicle. Another possibility is if there is an exhaust leak at or around the engine compar (MORE)

What is an exhaust manifold?

Answer   It's a big chunk of cast metal that bolts to the exhaust ports of an engine and joins up with the exhaust pipe. In a 4-cylinder engine, usually all 4 ports conne (MORE)

What does exhausted mean?

  Answer   Exhausted means very tired or if something is completely used up and has run out then you have exhausted your supply.   From (MORE)
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What is exhaustive decoding?

Exhaustive Decoding: When all the address lines of the processor are used to specify the address of a memory location, exhaustive decoding is said to be used

What is Volitional Exhaustion?

Volitional exhaustion is the point at which a person cannot perform a muscular contraction and voluntarily terminates the contraction (Pitcher & Miles, 1997) Pitcher, J.B., (MORE)

What is car exhaust?

a car exhaust is the pipe that sticks out of the back or sides of a car. There is a catalyst (an element) inside every exhaust in the world and what it does is act as a filter (MORE)