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Why is Romeo exiled?

Romeo was exiled because he killed tybalt. He was ordered by the king (Escalus, Prince of Verona) to be sent to Mantua because the king feels as if Romeos killing was unlawful (MORE)

Why was okonkwo exiled?

Okonkwo was exiled because during the funeral, him and other important people fired a gun shot into the air and a piece of iron from his gun flew off, and peiced the sons of t (MORE)

Where was Napoleon exiled?

Napoleon was banished to Elba, a tiny island off the coast of Italy. He broke his parole, escaped from Elba, and returned to France, before he was defeated at Waterloo and exi (MORE)

Where was Napoleon exiled to?

Napoleon was first exiled to the Island of Elba, but after escaping and fighting the Seventh Coalition at Waterloo, he was exiled to the Island of St. Helena. Because he had b (MORE)
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Where was Napolean exiled?

First, to Elba, a small island off the coast of Italy. When that didn't work, to St. helena, a small island in the Atlantic, 1000 miles from anywhere, where he eventually died (MORE)

Where was Cain exiled to?

  Cain was said to be exiled "to the land wandering". Early translations instead stated that he departed "to the land of Nod", which is generally considered a mistranslati (MORE)

Why was Cleopatra exiled?

Because she married a roman who took control Egypt; Julius Caesar.  That's not true. She was exiled by her brother because he wanted complete control of Egypt. She never even (MORE)
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Why was Kovu exiled?

Kovu himself was not exiled, but he was just a tiny little cub, or possibly not born yet, when Zira was exiled.
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Who are the exiles in Babylon?

They *were* the Jewish people who had been relocated (forcibly) after the fall of Jerusalem. Babylonian policy was to take sufficient people from an area after conquest/defeat (MORE)

Where were Jews exiled from?

A:At the time of the Exile, the homeland of the Jews consisted of the city of Jerusalem and the territory surrounding it, more or less between the Dead Sea and the western foo (MORE)