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Why is Romeo exiled?

Romeo was exiled because he killed tybalt. He was ordered by the king (Escalus, Prince of Verona) to be sent to Mantua because the king feels as if Romeos killing was unlawful (MORE)

Where was Cain exiled to?

Cain was said to be exiled "to the land wandering". Early translations instead stated that he departed "to the land of Nod", which is generally considered a mistranslation of (MORE)
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What is send into exile?

To send someone into exile is to leave them abandoned, or ignore them or banish them from whatever they were part of before. For example, let's say you are part of a club. If (MORE)

Why was Okonkwo exiled?

Okonkwo was exiled because during the funeral, him and other important people fired a gun shot into the air and a piece of iron from his gun flew off, and peiced the sons of t (MORE)

Where were Jews exiled from?

A: At the time of the Exile, the homeland of the Jews consisted of the city of Jerusalem and the territory surrounding it, more or less between the Dead Sea and the western f (MORE)

Who are the exiles in Babylon?

They *were* the Jewish people who had been relocated (forcibly) after the fall of Jerusalem. Babylonian policy was to take sufficient people from an area after conquest/defeat (MORE)

What was Napoleon exiled?

Napoleon was exiled first to the island of Elba after he lost the battle of Leipzig, then he would leave Elba and go back to France and rule for 100 days. Then he lost the Bat (MORE)

Who exiled the Hebrews?

Depends on what era you're talking about, but all of the following have done it: Babylonians, Romans, British, Spanish, Portuguese, Germans, Russians.