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Where did exodus occur?

The gulf of Aqeba into the land of Midian (Arabian peninsula near Mt Horeb, the Mount of God). Present day mountain called Sinai is not the correct mountain but was chosen hun (MORE)

Did the Yahwist write Exodus?

  The Yahwist wrote the first half of Exodus, as well as around half the material in Genesis and a small amount of material in Numbers. The Yahwist seems to have known no (MORE)

When did the Exodus happen?

 Other Answers  According to the Bible around 1441 BC.     Answer   The Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt occurred 1446BC.   Answer   The Exodus took p (MORE)
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What is The exodus Bible?

There is no Exodus Bible - Exodus is the 2nd Book of Moses in the Torah.
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What does the Exodus reveal about God?

Parts of the story of the Exodus reveal that no one could look at God. He appeared to them in a burning bush or a cloud or a pillar of fire. however, in Exodus chapter 24 Mose (MORE)

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What is Exodus chapter 32 about?

While Moses and Joshua were on Mount Sinai receiving the tablets of the Ten Commandments, the Israelites persuaded the high priest Aaron to make a golden calf for them to wors (MORE)

Who was the pharaoh of the Exodus?

Another Answer from our community:     According to traditional chronology, the Pharoah of the Exodus was  probably Menephtah 1 (1213-1203 BCE). However, according (MORE)

Was the exodus true?

Yes. There is both historical and archaeological evidence of the  Exodus.   Yes the Exodus took place from Egypt in 1441 .B.C. so claim some  historians.
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What is the Passover from exodus 12 about?

Passover is the feast that occurred when the angel of death passed over Egypt. The Israelites sacrificed lambs and painted the blood on their doorposts. (This was a precursor (MORE)

Where is the historical record of the Exodus?

Those looking for any kind of historical or archaeological record of the Exodus are bound to be disappointed. First of all, the Egyptians kept copious records of their day-to- (MORE)