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What was the Exodus?

The exodus was a journey in which moses led his people out of  Egypt. To the Hebrews the release from slavery proved that God was  protecting and watching over them. They be (MORE)

What was Exodus about?

The Exodus was when Moses take the poorly treated israelites out of Egypt. He tried to convince the Pharaoh to let them but he refused profusely. God told Moses and he was pre (MORE)

Where is exodus from?

The word exodus is from the Greek. When the Old Testament was translated into the Greek version, called the Septuagint, during the reign of Ptolemy, the second book in the To (MORE)

What was the ending of Exodus?

In the last chapter of the book of Exodus , after the tabernacle was built the cloud of god settled on the tent by day and fire by night.As god was there.
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What was the exodus about?

We can look back on the "Exodus" today and see that it had both a practical application and a "dually" prophetic one. Practically, speaking... the "exodus" physically liberate (MORE)
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What is an exodus name?

There are quite a few. They are: Shemet Vaera Bo Vayakhel Pikuday Beshalach Yitro Mishpatim Terumah Tetzaveh KiTisa (I got this from Sedra Scenes, the spelling should be accu (MORE)