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What is exogenous insulin?

In patients with diabetes, whose endogenous production of insulin is completely or near to nothing, insulin is administered to them subcutaneously. The insulin is usually bov ( Full Answer )
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What are exogenous forces?

Exogenous forces are those natural forces that are "destructive" (reductive) and wear down surface formations on the planet. These forces include geologic disruptions (earthqu ( Full Answer )
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What is exogenous behavior?

Exogenous behavior is the behavior that is derived externally andoutside the body. Exogenous behavior can also be in reference tooutside sources that effect us, such as temper ( Full Answer )
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What is an exogenous processes?

exogenous process is that reaction which gives out energy........during the process energy is released in form of heat or radiation....etc..example.....burning of coal is an e ( Full Answer )
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What is exogenous virus?

I believe, exogenous virus exist as: "replication competent viruses that are transmitted horizontally in mice, while endogenous viruses exist as germline sequences that are us ( Full Answer )
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What are exogenic forces?

Exogenic forces are those forces that occur above or outside ofEarth. These can include impacts with comets and meteors, sunradiation, and tidal force from the moon.
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What is exogenous acne?

exogenous acne can be caused from makeup-different cosmetics. Itcan be different kinds of oil/greases you are being exposed to.Rubbing your skin after being exposed to the gre ( Full Answer )
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What are exogenous microorganism?

Are organisms that do not normally inhabit the body. When they do, however, they are apt to produce an infection and/or illness.
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What is exogenic force?

That would an action coming from an outside force. As the word has many meanings varying with context, please see the related link below:
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What is exogenous activity?

2. What is an endogenous & exogenous activities ? Ans- Ans: The term endogenous is used to describe activities occurring within the system and the term exogenous is used to de ( Full Answer )