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What are the introns and exons?

Introns are nucleotides that are not used or expressed, while exons are expressed regions. .
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What are introns and exons?

Introns are intervening sequenceof DNA; does NOT code for a protein. . Exons are expressed squence of DNA; codesfor a protein.
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What is an exon?

An exon is a nucleic acid sequence that is represented in a matureform of an RNA molecule.
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What are exons and introns?

Exons are sequences on the primary transcript, or pre-mRNA (or the DNA sequence from which it is transcribed), that remain in the RNA after RNA processing. Introns are seque ( Full Answer )
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What is exon skipping?

Exon skipping, also known as alternative splicing is a process whereby the exons are cut from a genetic sequence (pre-mRNA or hnRNA) and rearranged multiple ways into differen ( Full Answer )
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What is exon?

Exons are a sequence of DNA that codes for protein synthesis that is transcribed to messenger RNA. Using these exons in different ways can produce different proteins from the ( Full Answer )
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Why are exons important?

Exons code for proteins. Exons are parts of DNA that are convertedinto mature messenger RNA.. From there, mRNA undergoes translationwhere mRNA is used to synthesize proteins.
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Is an exon part of an intron?

No. Those are two different parts of pre-mRNA before the transcription is finished. The intron is the non coded region, and is therefore spliced out of the mRNA. The coding ( Full Answer )
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What is meant by primer needs to span exon-exon junction?

so that the primers for target mrna you are tyring to amplify forq-pcr/pcr does not also amplify genomic dna which might becontamination from your purification, because the gD ( Full Answer )
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What happens to exon?

When a gene is transcribed to for an mRNA molecule, introns are removed and exons stay to be reattached to from one linear mRNA molecule again. This final RNA sequence then ge ( Full Answer )