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What is your salary expectation?

For a fresher their is no any salary expectation, It would be just to survive according to the standard and as companies terms and condition.
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What are your expectations of the role?

This question is pretty much asking the applicant to define whatthey plan to gain from this job. This is where one should putsomething beneficially not just that they expect a ( Full Answer )
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What do you expect from this company?

i expect from the company to appreciate my work as i am going to work hard to achieve the company overall goal and i expect it will achieve my own goal.
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What are your expectations of me?

You may want to ask an employer what is expected of you. Knowingtheir expectations can help you set goals and put a plan of actionin place to do your best job.
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What do you expect in our company?

I expect the companies that I deal with to treat customers fairlyand with respect. I appreciate good customer service and helpfulstaff.
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What can you expect from braces?

they are okay but when you eat choclate while you have braces on later you can lick the braces and taste chocolate
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Who stars in What to Expect When Expecting?

'What to Expect When Expecting' is a romantic comedy film that came out in 2012. Those that starred in the movie include Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Brooklyn Decker and Chas ( Full Answer )