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What does the term expectorant mean?

Expectorants . Definition . Expectorants are drugs that loosen and clear mucus and phlegm from the respiratory tract.. Purpose . The drug described here, guaifenesin, is (MORE)

Name some expectorant oils?

Some expectorant oils are :. eucalyptus, peppermint , atlas cedarwood, sandalwood , Lemon. All of these are good for treating colds coughs and congestion.. For more detaile (MORE)

What are the side effect of an expectorant?

If your taking an expectorant it is for clearing thick mucus out of your lungs and the way you clear it is by coughing. First take a deep breath (as much as you can) and and s (MORE)

Is marijuana an expectorant?

It seems to be so, though I have only read personal reports on online forums. But the combustion byproducts are very harmful, so if you intend to harness the THC expectorant p (MORE)