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What is aggregate expenditure?

expenditure money paid out; an amount spent. expenditure the act of spending money for goods or services. expenditure the act of consuming something
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What is expenditure cycle?

The expenditure cycle is a process that individual customers and companies use in finalizing their purchase. It often involves comparing prices, researching the product and de (MORE)
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What are expenditures?

Expenditures are the processes of spending money by an individual or business entity . The expenditures may be revenue or capital in nature. The revenue expenditure is recurri (MORE)
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What is tourism expenditure?

refers to the amount paid by all categories of visitor noted insection 2.2 for the acquisition of consumption goods and services,as well as valuables, for and during tourism v (MORE)
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What is essential expenditure?

essential expenditure is the items you really need such as water, food, boiler and many more none essential expenditure are stuff like game consoles, expensive clothes, bikes, (MORE)
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What is capital expenditures and revenue expenditures?

Capital expenditures are those expenditures the benefit of which istaken by company for more than one fiscal year while revenueexpenditures are made for only one fiscal year o (MORE)
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What is nugatory expenditure?

Expenditure that does not achieve any result. Definition of nugatory : Absolutely and without qualification lacking in meaning, substance, or worth.
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What is optional expenditure?

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What is capital expenditure and recurrent expenditure?

1. Capitalexpenditures are those expenditures the benefit of which are takenby company for more than one fiscal year and are non recurrentnature while recurrent or revenue exp (MORE)
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What is joint expenditures?

this is the type of expenditures joined together to ensure a maximum efficiency in the business