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Is a will expensive?

  A will need not be expensive, unless it is complicated. The following words could be a perfectly valid will, if properly executed, witnessed and notarized: "I leave ev (MORE)

What are IT Expenses?

  Information technology expenses including hardware (amortized), software, wages, salary, benefits and pro rata of overhead costs like rent, utilities and miscellaneous c (MORE)

What is expenses?

Expenses is the plural of the word expense. Expenses are the costs  that are needed for something. They are the money that you spent on  something. Expenses can also be an i (MORE)

Fixed expenses and variable expenses?

Fixed Expenses: These are those expenses which don't change with change of production rate and remain fixed up to certain measurement base criteria. For Example: if machine c (MORE)

Is rent expense an other expense?

If rent is paid for any activity which is directly related with theprimary business activity then rent is not other expense, but ifrent is paid for activity which is not direc (MORE)