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What is income and expenses?

Income represents the inflow of assets to a company as a result of some activity of the company (e.g., its sales). Expenses represent the outflow, surrender or the using up of (MORE)

Is sheepskin expensive?

It depends on how much sheepskin you need, say like blankets and rugs if you get a smaller size it can run on average 100$-150$ or if you get a larger size anywhere between 14 (MORE)

How expensive is the iPad?

The ipad costs with wi-fi only, 16GB $499, with 32GB $599, with 64GB $699. With wi-fi and 3G it costs with 16GB $629, with 32GB $729, with 64GB $829.
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Are contractual expenses fixed expenses?

A fixed cost is one that does not change irrespective of the volume of business that is experienced by the business. Contractual expenses may, at first thought, seem fixed but (MORE)

How expensive is adoption?

The average cost for a private adoption is between four thousand and thirty thousand dollars. Domestic private adoptions can cost anywhere in that price range. There are cas (MORE)

Are chameleons expensive?

It depends what you mean by 'expensive' ! The reptiles themselves can be bought fairly cheaply - depending on the species. The vivarium, however can be very expensive to set u (MORE)

Nature of expenses and an function of expenses?

An expense is incurred when a business contract to purchase goods or accept services which will not constitute a resource for the future from which economic benefits can be ex (MORE)
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Why is cloning expensive?

The only time anything was ever cloned was when a sheep named Dolly  was cloned. They took two sheep that looked similar and breed them.  Then they took DNA from the female (MORE)

When are Expenses recorded?

There are two treatments of expenses as per type of accounting  system:    In Accrual System:    Expenses are recorded when actual expenses occurred and not whe (MORE)