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What experience do you have?

sometimes when I'm about to fall asleep i feel like I'm falling off the bed or a cliff; then i wake up and drift off to sleep --------------------- I have been working wit (MORE)

What is an experiment?

An experiment is a method of testing - with the goal of  explaining - the nature of reality. Experiments can vary from  personal and informal (eg. tasting a range of chocola (MORE)

What is experience?

Experience is having practical involvement in a situation. Aexperience can be pleasant or unpleasant. Either way, experiencesare part of life and help to define a person's cha (MORE)

Why do they experiment?

An experiment is a procedure carried out in order with the goal of  verifying a hypothesis. These are done to prove the thoughts and  ideas used to help and understand certa (MORE)
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Why do you do experiments?

We do experiments to find answers to questions, to verify the  validity of an answer, to lean how things work and in the  scientific method to check if a hypothesis is corre (MORE)

What experience to you have?

I remember the cold winter day and how the breeze went past my face. I remember as I trudged towards the car, I gave it a second thought. I remember how I continued on my way (MORE)

After an experiment what do you do?

Clean up. But, more importantly, you compile and analyze the observed and recorded data to see if it supports the original assumption of the experiment. Or if it disproves t (MORE)
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What are the the conscious experiences that people experience?

Conscious experiences are neuronal, electrochemical and other  biological processes which are contributing directly our  conscousness. Diference between these "biological pr (MORE)
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In an experiment?

The term 'in an experiment' is a prepositional phrase . The noun 'experiment' is the object of the preposition 'in'.
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