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Adventures and experiencences of Patrick Henry?

He was a patriot. He made a fit about the Stamp Acts. He made a famous speech ending with "Give me liberty or give me death!" He made a speech called "Treason". The Stamp Acts (MORE)
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How can a virgin please an experienced man?

  Answer     It's up to the experienced man to lead you through the process and a "great man" to make it worth your while. That means a man who is considerate of (MORE)

What is an experienced horse rider?

  Someone who really knows how to ride and act around horses. They know how to ride in many styles, care for a horse, and be totally comfortable around a horse. Most expir (MORE)

Self introduction for experienced people?

Hello sir My name is Ramesh have completed in Diploma mechanical engineering from Hyderabad ,period on 2000, present i had worked in aster from 2005 to till date I Have pl (MORE)

Has Christianity experienced internal divisions?

Most certainly. Many times. Christians are sinners and don't always walk in the unity that Christ would desire. However, despite very many differences there is always and with (MORE)

What is experiencing a disorienting dilemma?

Well to me disorienting dilemma means when you are going through a change in life where you think everything is going right but it is at its worst or it is a shocking moment.
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What is the abstract noun for experienced?

The word 'experienced' is the past participle, past tense of the  verb to experience.    The word 'experience' is also a noun, an abstract noun as a word  for a parti (MORE)