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Do experienced guys like virgins?

That is a personal preference. Some might because it's a chance to teach someone something new, or because it's exciting to go through it with someone for their first time. Ot (MORE)
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How can a virgin please an experienced man?

  Answer     It's up to the experienced man to lead you through the process and a "great man" to make it worth your while. That means a man who is considerate of (MORE)

How do you know that you are experiencing an allergic reaction?

  Answer 1   Until this answer can be improved by a medical professional, a laymans answer will have to suffice.   Some of the symptoms attributed to an alergic [a (MORE)

What is an experienced horse rider?

  Someone who really knows how to ride and act around horses. They know how to ride in many styles, care for a horse, and be totally comfortable around a horse. Most expir (MORE)

Self introduction for experienced people?

Hello sir My name is Ramesh have completed in Diploma mechanical engineering from Hyderabad ,period on 2000, present i had worked in aster from 2005 to till date I Have pl (MORE)

Why it is important to be resilient when experiencing setbacks?

It's important to be resilient when you experience setbacks to ensure the task in hand is completed. I have a to-do list which I constantly refer to, to ensure i'm on the righ (MORE)
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When is a blackout most likely to be experienced?

Some people experience blackouts after consuming too much alcohol. There are two forms of alcohol blackout. In en bloc blackout, the person experiences amnesia covering the en (MORE)