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Why is there a little buoyancy experienced by an object in water?

When there is an object in water, it experiences buoyancy because  the water also has weight. The weight of the water pushes the  object upwards to make it float.
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Do experienced guys like virgins?

That is a personal preference. Some might because it's a chance to teach someone something new, or because it's exciting to go through it with someone for their first time. Ot (MORE)

Why is numbness experienced after eating puffer fish?

TTX (the poison in pufferfish) inhibits neurons that transmit sensory information to the brain. Since TTX prevents the generation of action potentials in sensory nerves, the a (MORE)

How do you know that you are experiencing an allergic reaction?

  Answer 1   Until this answer can be improved by a medical professional, a laymans answer will have to suffice.   Some of the symptoms attributed to an alergic [a (MORE)

Self introduction for experienced people?

Hello sir My name is Ramesh have completed in Diploma mechanical engineering from Hyderabad ,period on 2000, present i had worked in aster from 2005 to till date I Have pl (MORE)

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When did Canada economy and industry experienced a boom?

In the early 1900s due to the immigrants ( especially the Asians) that helped build the railroads and than helped trade.
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Blackout is more likely to be experienced by men?

Nope. Women as well. More likely with women because, technically, they cannot handle as much alcohol as Men. Women metabolize alcohol slower than Men. I guess it really comes (MORE)

Why it is important to be resilient when experiencing setbacks?

It's important to be resilient when you experience setbacks to ensure the task in hand is completed. I have a to-do list which I constantly refer to, to ensure i'm on the righ (MORE)
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When is a blackout most likely to be experienced?

Some people experience blackouts after consuming too much alcohol. There are two forms of alcohol blackout. In en bloc blackout, the person experiences amnesia covering the en (MORE)