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Where do veterinarians get there experienced from?

You don't know to do something unless you try it, right? Before a graduated Vet can take the exam to become a certified vet they have to spend a year volunteering and/or worki (MORE)
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Who Experienced the Diaspora?

If you are referring to the Jewish Diaspora, then it was the Jews that experienced it.
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What is experiencing puberty?

this is a beatiful time during a young persons life when they blossom. this meant that they should notice their genital turning a blotchy gray color and shrinking to about 1/3 (MORE)
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Does a lawyer have to be experienced?

Yes The process a Lawyer goes through to become a Lawyer insures he or she is experienced in her or his specialty before working unsupervised.
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Why am I experiencing these symptoms?

Every morning I wake up with an extreme headache in the back of myhead. Most of the time it feels foggy but sometimes it feels like Ihave been stabbed in the head. It is alway (MORE)