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What is experimentation?

Experimentation is an operation or procedure carried out under controlled conditions in order to discover an unknown effect or law, to test or establish a hypothesis, or to il (MORE)
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What is experimental science?

  Science that uses what is known to try and prove ideas and concepts that are as yet untested. Madame Currie the doctor who discovered radiation, or Jonas Salk's bread (MORE)

What is experimental drawing?

Drawing in a way that is very unusual or 'experimental' such as ripping paper or drawing with your toes dipped in ink. It can also be classified on a personal level of doing s (MORE)

What is experimental evidence?

Experimental evidence is data obtained through conducting an experiment. For example, if I measure the boiling point of a substance at 500 degrees Fahrenheit by boiling the su (MORE)

What is an experimental group?

An experimental group is the group that gets changed. For example if there was a disease and there were 2 different products to cure it, the group, let's say group A, with the (MORE)

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What is experimental unit?

The experimental unit is the object (person, place, thing,event, etc.) that you are interested in learning about

What is an experimental plan?

  All of the topics discussed so far, and more, should be part of the experimental plan. The experimental plan IS A WRITTEN DOCUMENT explaining THE PURPOSE of the experime (MORE)

What is experimental research?

Experimental research is a method used by researchers through  manipulating one variable and control the rest of the variables.  The process, treatment and program in this t (MORE)

What is experimental in

The experimental mode in is the mode the developers use to  add new ideas to see if they work therefore the rules are  constantly changing. For example, the develope (MORE)