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What is an expert?

A expert is when someone is really good at something. In fact, it is when a person has extended knowledge about any given subject, issue, place, person(s), or random thing.
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Architecture of expert expert system?

expert system architecture need to act like the process expert attempt to do for reasoning based on the given facts. architecture comprise of interface, explanation system, in (MORE)
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How do you be a expert?

To become an expert, study up on the subject a lot. Get to the point where you know pretty much every thing about the subject without a cheat sheet. At this point, you are an (MORE)
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What is an armchair expert?

An armchair expert is someone who knows a lot about a subject, but has little practical experience with it. For example, a fat person who knows a lot about losing weight is an (MORE)
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What is an expert audience?

Stage Acting. EXPERT AUDIENCE: A theater critic. NONEXPERT AUDIENCE: Someone who's only attendedtwo plays. Cars. EXPERT AUDIENCE: An auto mechanic. NONEXPERT AUDIENCE: (MORE)
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What is a paranormal expert?

This depends on who you ask and how you define 'paranormal'. Many people might tell you that 'para-celebrities' , namely anyone who has a television show or Internet presence (MORE)
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How can you be a JavaScript Expert?

Becoming a Javascript expert requires thorough knowledge of the following: . programming fundamentals (data types, algorithms, control structures, logic, etc.) . the diffe (MORE)
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What is an expert witness?

An expert witness is a person who has been specially educated, or has experience beyond the norm, that can be legally called as a witness to testify in a case involving the to (MORE)
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What do you do if your a SEO expert?

If you are an SEO expert you would find ways to make yur site givemore reliable answers. You may add to the query boxes depending onnew common searches, as well as finding the (MORE)
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What does experts exchange do?

Experts exchange help people with the problems they need by sending experts. The experts can help with anything and everything. They are payed to do what they are good at.