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How do you write good explications?

An explication is an essay in which a work of literature is "explained." Click on the Related Link for a professor's viewpoint! Here's what another professor had to say: . P (MORE)

What is explicative research?

According to Antônio Carlos Gil ("Como elaborar projetos de pesquisa", 4th edition, Ed. Atlas, 2009, p.42): "A research is said to be explicative when its central point is t (MORE)

Meaning of explicity?

Did you mean explicitly? Something that has been made explicitly  clear means that it has not been merely implied but has been fully  expressed in a clear, easily understood (MORE)

What does explicity mean?

Explicity is the noun form of the adjective explicit, which means  fully and clearly expressed or demonstrated; leaving nothing merely  implied; unequivocal.
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What is an explication of a poem?

Explication is an explanation of all the imagery, events, and  characters in a poem.
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What is the explication for DURIAN?

A durian is an oval shaped spiny fruit, containing a smelly but tasty pulp. It is grown in the tropics, or other areas with similar temperatures and climate.
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How do you write a multi quote explication?

If your multi-quote explanation uses a number of singular, separate  quotes, you just enclose each quote in quotation marks. If,  however, your multi-quote explanation has q (MORE)