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How do you write good explications?

An explication is an essay in which a work of literature is "explained." Click on the Related Link for a professor's viewpoint! Here's what another professor had to say: . P (MORE)

What is explicative research?

According to Antônio Carlos Gil ("Como elaborar projetos de pesquisa", 4th edition, Ed. Atlas, 2009, p.42): "A research is said to be explicative when its central point is (MORE)

What does explicate mean?

It means to explain, so just use "explain" instead. Don't make your reader go look up a redundant word that's trying its best to fade into oblivion.

Meaning of explicity?

Did you mean explicitly? Something that has been made explicitlyclear means that it has not been merely implied but has been fullyexpressed in a clear, easily understood way.

Use explicate in a sentence?

Explicate means a thorough analysis of something, generally aliterary work. An example of it used in a sentence would be: Ourteacher asked us to explicate the poem, giving our (MORE)

What does explicity mean?

Explicity is the noun form of the adjective explicit, which meansfully and clearly expressed or demonstrated; leaving nothing merelyimplied; unequivocal.
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What is the explication for DURIAN?

A durian is an oval shaped spiny fruit, containing a smelly but tasty pulp. It is grown in the tropics, or other areas with similar temperatures and climate.
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How do you write a multi quote explication?

If your multi-quote explanation uses a number of singular, separatequotes, you just enclose each quote in quotation marks. If,however, your multi-quote explanation has quotes (MORE)