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What is Query explorer?

query explorer, is a "virus" that changes the default browser in your system, it can often slow it down. I deleted it from my laptop by going to add/uninstall and uninstallati (MORE)

What explorers explored South Dakota?

The first explorers to leave proof that they had been through South Dakota were the Verendrye brothers in 1743. Lewis and Clark explored the area during their expedition in (MORE)

Where did Columbus explore?

Christopher Columbus explored, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Colmbia, India, and Europe actually he did not explore India, he thought he had discovered it (which is why he calle (MORE)

What did Spain explore?

Spain explored most of the Americas, many of the Caribbean islands, parts of Africa and parts of the Pacific. They had colonies on the islands of Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, Cuba (MORE)

What or where did Pocahontas explore?

She wasn't an explorer, but a young woman who was taken hostage by Sir Thomas Dale for several years, converted to Christianity, helped with the survival of Jamestown, and mar (MORE)
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Are vikings explorers?

yes they are explorers they came from Scandinavia and they needed new land so they explored they went to north America then they noticed that the land format wasnt good so the (MORE)