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What is an expo chef?

An expo chef ensures that the food is sent out properly, according to the customers specifications. This chef is responsible for plate preparation, such as adding garnishes or (MORE)

What is exhibition design?

A.) Exhibition design refers to the creative process involved in planning how to display, that is to say market, a company or organisation at a trade show or exhibition. Desig (MORE)

What does exhibits mean?

  shows   example sentence:   She exhibits symptoms of the flu including body aches, sore throat and an upset stomach.   Exhibits can also mean displays.   Exa (MORE)

What does exhibition mean?

Since it comes from the word "exhibit", to show, an exhibition is not surprisingly where things are put on show. Generally we are talking about a large open space with things (MORE)
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What does 'Expos' mean?

 Answer   The Montreal Expos, born in 1969, were named after the World Fair held in Montreal in 1967, known as Expo 67. Expo is short for the french word "Exposition", (MORE)

Where is the Expo 67?

Expo '67 no longer exists unfortunately. It was held in 1967 on Notre Dame island and Ste-Helene island which were man-made islands between the island of Montreal (Canada) and (MORE)

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