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What is the definition of exports and export incentives?

Government programs that make it more gorgeous for a compact, business, state to export and most merely an export financial assistance. Monetary, tax or legal encouragements i (MORE)
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Why do you export?

you export because some countries don't have as much food or plants to make medicine that's why we export
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What is an exporter?

A person or legal entity that makes money by transporting andselling goods mand in their country to or in another country.
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What do they export?

you got to be waaaaaaaaaaay more specific for me to answer that questin.!?!?!?!?. you got to be waaaaaaaaaaay more specific for me to answer that questin.!?!?!?!?
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How are they exported?

its when you bring things to other countries or place like itemsor boxes or even money
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How can you export?

Export is an easy process. Firstly you should have full command-knowledge over the commodity you want to export. then you should have best items with competitive price in hand (MORE)
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Why do you exports?

If you want to learn "how to export" join iiiEM. I am Ex. student of this institute and already started my ownExport Business. Faculties are friendly, Familiar environment.Cla (MORE)
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What is an export?

Export relate to international trade, whereby goods/services from a country of origin is shipped other countries. example: Namibia export meat to European countries... etc an (MORE)
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What were exports?

The term export means shipping the goods and services out of the port ofa country. The seller of such goods and services is referred to asan "exporter" and is based in the c (MORE)