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Do plants grow better with an eastern exposure or a western exposure?

It can depend on the type of plant. Not all plants like direct exposure to the sun for too long in the day. I have tried south, west, and east. and the plants seem more health (MORE)

Compare and contrast transaction exposure and economic exposure?

transaction exposure relates to the risk of exchange rate movements relating to current investments. In other words investments which are already contracted for. Economic expo (MORE)

What is auto exposure?

Well.. Exposure is how long the camera takes to take a picture. A long exposure time gets a better and higher quality image when the camera is still. A short exposure is when (MORE)

Definition of multiple exposure in photography?

A "multiple exposure" means that two or more exposures are made on the same frame of film. There are various reasons why multiple exposures are taken. Generally, people will r (MORE)

Why does narcissist fear exposure?

Because when they are exposed they catch a glimpse of their ugly ,evil self that they try to hide and forget also from themselves,not only for their preys.... The illusion is (MORE)

What is the difference between Transaction Exposure and Economic Exposure?

Both exposures deal with changes in expected cash flows. Transaction exposure deals with changes in near-term cash flows that have already been contracted for (such as foreign (MORE)

What is equity exposures?

Equity exposures refer to measurements used for investment  portfolios. These explain the investment amounts in a portfolio  used for different items like stocks and equity (MORE)