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What is leuko est?

Leuko Est is an abbreviation used for leukocyte esterase urine  test. This test is used to determine if an individual has specific  types of infections.
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What is 9 am EST in CET?

When it is 9AM in Eastern Standard Time or EST, it would be 3pm in Central European Time or CET. CET is 6 hours ahead of EST or 5 hours ahead of Eastern Daylight Time, or EDT. (MORE)

If 4pm est then what time is it in Texas?

3:00 p.m. While Texas is on Daylight Saving Time (from mid-March to early November), 4 PM EST = 3 PM MDT and 4 PM CDT in Texas. While Texas is on Standard Time, 4 PM EST = (MORE)

If its 2PM CST what time is it in EST?

3PM EST = 2PM CST. Central Standard Time is one hour behind Eastern Standard Time.
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Cicero dum vita est spes est?

The Latin sentence Dum vita est spes est means "While there's life there's hope". It doesn't appear that Cicero said it, however. A more common Latin proverb expressing the sa (MORE)
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10 am EDT what time is it EST?

It is 9 am. EST is Eastern standard time and EDT is its summer counter part, thus it is always one hour more in EDT than in EST.
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What is 'EST'?

"EST" est..   You'll have to be more specific. "Est" is Latin for "is" (it is, he is, she is, 'etc.). EST could also stand for many things, such as Eastern Standard Time, (MORE)

Simile in dulce est decorum est?

An example of similes in Dulce Decorum Est is in the first line: 'Bent double, like old beggars under sacks' this suggests that soldiers are so tired that they can be compar (MORE)

What does este mean?

The word este is from the Spanish language. This word translates  into English as the word this and into Latin as the word hoc.
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What does proditus est translate to in English?

Proditus is the masculine past passive participle of the verb prodo, which has a wide range of meanings, includng "bring forth," "betray," "surrender," and "hand down" (among (MORE)