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What is expressionism?

  painters who concentrated on representing their feelings about the objects they painted and not the object itself. early 1900's   what is expressionism

What started expressionism?

Expressionism started in various cities across Germany. It was  started before the First World War to allow artists to concentrate  on their inner thoughts rather than the e (MORE)

Who invented Expressionism?

  Expressionism arose simultaneously 1905 in Paris (les Fauves) and in Dresden (die Brücke). Shortly after there was der Blaue Reiter in Munich, and individual artist not (MORE)

What is the meaning of expressionism?

Expressionism was a modernist art movement, originating in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century
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Why do you like expressionism?

You are misinformed, I don't like expressionism, its presentation  of the world solely from a subjective perspective does not evoke  moods or ideas for me.
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