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What is dance?

Dance is telling a story with movements. I am a professional dancer  and just like me you need to be strong, fast and focused. For more  look up essex dance academy to get m (MORE)

What is the difference between abstract art and expressionist art?

Expressionism sought to express the meaning of "being alive" and emotional experience rather than physical reality. It is the tendency of an artist to distort reality for an e (MORE)

How do you recognize an expressionist painting?

vivid brush strokes , emotions almost seem to run through the paint. bush strokes can blatently be seen and felt, at times paint can be so thick it has a 3d effect , no plan o (MORE)

How do you dance the can-can?

  :) The ever so popular, can-can. Well if I am not mistaken, you are usually in a straight line holding the shoulder's of the people on either side of you. You lift you l (MORE)

What is an abstract expressionist?

Abstract expressionist is a term used to the people who shared  interest in using abstraction to express or convey emotional  content. These artists moved away from European (MORE)

Who are expressionists?

It is a movement during the 20th century that broke the laws of art. They used bright and bold colors, and was emotional and made you in the mood of the painting.
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