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What is expungement?

The process of expungement varies from state to state, but it means to remove a criminal record from being viewed or accessed by memeber of the public. Added: Law enforcement, (MORE)

Can you get a felony expunged?

You go before the court that found you not guilty of the Felony and request that the arrest be removed from your record. In some, very rare cases, you may get a felony expun (MORE)

How do you get an expungement in Arkansas?

  Though obtaining legal counsel would always be the most recommended method, you could yourself, contact the Arkansas Attorney General's Office via phone, mail or even wa (MORE)

Expunge in a sentence?

John had some brushes with the law while a teenager. When he was  21, he asked a judge that those offense be removed or expunged from  his record.

Can you get your felonies expunged?

This would depend in which state the offense was committed in. In most states certain crimes (crimes of violence - against children - sex offenses, etc...) can not be expunged (MORE)

When is the expungement active?

Since the timing of the process varies from state to state and by case, a general estimate of the time it takes to have a criminal record expunged can be anywhere from 2-6 mon (MORE)
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How do you get a charge expunged?

It varies, from state to state. Each state has it's own eligibility requirements and procedures. In Florida, for example, you would have to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility (MORE)