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What does the 'extensor muscle' do?

Extensor muscles open a joint and are the opposite to flexor muscles, which close it.. I imagine triceps are extensor, while biceps are flexor.
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Where are most extensor muscles located?

On the posterior part of the body, which means the muscles on the backside. The only exception to this is the knee which does flexion.
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What are extensors?

An extensor is a muscle that allows a limb or other part of thehuman body to extend or straighten out. These are found throughoutthe arms, legs, hands, and feet.
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What are flexors and extensors?

Flexors are muscles involved in flexing a muscle, like the biceps.Extensors are muscles involved in extending a muscle, like thetriceps.
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What is flexor and extensor?

When bones attached to a muscle are connected by a flexible joint, contraction of the muscle moves the skeleton. The muscle is called a flexor if the centers of the connecte ( Full Answer )
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Where are your flexors and extensors?

Flexors and extensors are two types of muscles necessary for movement that can be found many places throughout the body. Flexors are the muscles involved in flexion. The mo ( Full Answer )
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What do the neck extensors do?

They are muscles the pull your head back. So if you are walking along, minding your own business and hear a fighter jet cruising through the sky, when you tilt your head back ( Full Answer )
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Is the quadriseps an extensor and a flexor muscle?

The quadriceps perform knee extension, however, the rectus femoris, which is one of the 4 muscles of the quadriceps, also does hip flexion.