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What are 5 extinct animals and why are they extinct?

The dodo is extinct for a number of reasons. When humans settled permanently on Mauritius, they cleared native dodo habitat, destroying nesting grounds. They also introduced v (MORE)

Why are cheetahs extinct?

They aren't, but they are classed as a threatened species due to a high mortality rate of Cheetah cubs caused by predation and genetic defects from inbreeding. There are a num (MORE)

How dinosaurs were extinct?

A meteor hit the earth blocking the sun so the plants died and the plant eaters had nothing to eat so they died and rotted away. So the meat eaters had nothing to eat so they (MORE)
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Is the locust extinct?

The Rocky Mountain locust has been extinct for some time now, however there are other variants of the species that thrive in africa.

What is Extinction?

Answer   Extinction is when a animal doesn't exist any more, because all of its species has died out completely.   It Can Also Be When Only A Few Animals Live But Most (MORE)

Extinct animals and when and wh they are extinct?

which of these animals is extinct  +++  Quite! "Which of these..." gives us no list from which to pick  the right answers. One of the most famous modern extinctions was of (MORE)

Why is the Tyrannosaurus extinct?

There are many theories to why the non avian dinosaurs including Tyrannosaurus rex, became extinct. So far, this is the most widely accepted one by paleontologists. 65.5 mil (MORE)