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What is Extinction?

Answer . Extinction is when a animal doesn't exist any more, because all of its species has died out completely.. It Can Also Be When Only A Few Animals Live But Most Are (MORE)
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Are they extinct?

There are lots of animal that are extinct, but can you be more specific? Like a name?
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What is extinction and mass extinction?

Extinction is the complete disappearance of a species from life. No more of that species is alive on the planet. It happens all the time; the normal rate of extinctions is cal (MORE)
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Extinct animals and why they are extinct?

Extinct animals have been wiped out by some kind of limiting factor, such as droughts, loss of land, flooding, or forest destruction. Some species of animals, such as the dino (MORE)
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Why will they be extinct?

As the human population grows, the natural habitats of certain animals are destroyed. Hunting and fishing also affect endangered species. Or the animal is useless and wouldn't (MORE)
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What animals are extinct or becoming extinct?

Tasmanian devils, wolfs, coyotes, dugongs, tuna, panda bears are all endangered and the saber tooth tiger is fully extinct. hope that helps :) Thylacine (marsupial of Aust (MORE)
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What is extincted?

The species which are not present today only their fossils are present are called as extinct.
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What does extinct and mass extinction mean?

"Extinct" is when a specific species dies off (say brown bears). "Mass extinction" is when an entire class of those animals dies (e.g. all bears.
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Why are they extinct?

There was an asteroid impact in the Yucatan Peninsula, about 65 million years ago, which caused global catastrophe for the existing species of the time.