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What is Extinction?

Answer . Extinction is when a animal doesn't exist any more, because all of its species has died out completely.. It Can Also Be When Only A Few Animals Live But Most Are (MORE)

Are they extinct?

There are lots of animal that are extinct, but can you be more specific? Like a name?
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Why will they be extinct?

As the human population grows, the natural habitats of certain animals are destroyed. Hunting and fishing also affect endangered species. Or the animal is useless and wouldn't (MORE)

Who went extinct in the cretaceous extinction?

Non-Bird Dinosaurs, Flying Non-Bird Dinosaurs lke ptheridactlye, Sea-Reptiles like Mosasaur and Aminotes those are the Animals who went Extinct in the K/T Mass Extiction
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What are 5 extinct animals and why are they extinct?

The dodo is extinct for a number of reasons. When humans settled permanently on Mauritius, they cleared native dodo habitat, destroying nesting grounds. They also introduced (MORE)

Why is the extinct thylacine animal extinct?

The Thylacine (Thylacinus cynocephalus, also known as the Tasmanian Tiger and sometimes the Tasmanian Wolf), became extinct during the 20th century. The last known specimen di (MORE)

Why are they extinct?

There was an asteroid impact in the Yucatan Peninsula, about 65 million years ago, which caused global catastrophe for the existing species of the time.
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