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What is bcf extinguisher?

A BCF fire extinguisher is bromochlorodifluoromethane, also knownby the trade name Halon 1211. It is used for electrical fires andis commonly used for aircraft fires.

What extinguishes a fire?

The "Fire Triangle" indicates that a fire requires fuel, oxygen andheat to continue burning. Removing any one side will cause thereaction to cease. You can: . Remove the sou (MORE)

How do you extinguish a fire?

Generally speaking, we extinguish a fire by removing air (oxygen) so the fire cannot breathe, we remove fuel that is being burned, or we remove thermal energy from the fire so (MORE)

What is BC extinguisher?

An extinguisher rated to fight type-B and type-C fires. Type-B fires involve burning liquids. Type-C fires involve charged electrical components. A BC extinguisher is eithe (MORE)

How a flames get extinguish by a fire extinguisher?

either: . removing oxygen to suffocate the fire; . removing heat to stop further ignition; or . changing the chemical reaction with the fuel But I have one suggestion f (MORE)

What gas is in a extinguisher?

Water and foam extinguishers are typically propelled with compressed air. Dry chemical extinguishers with stored pressure are typically pressurized with nitrogen; cartridge (MORE)
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How do you extinguish the candle?

blow it out! or if you want to do it the harder way then take the oxygen around it away from it by putting a jar over the top. oxygen is compulsory for a flame to burn. it is (MORE)

How can fires be extinguished?

Fires are generally extinguished by removing part of the processthat makes them keep going, sometimes called the "firetetrahedron": fuel, oxygen, heat, chemical reaction. For (MORE)

How does the fire extinguish?

Fire is initiated through the availability of three factors together: . oxygen (or air) . material that has the ability to be extenguished (wood, cloth, fuel, ...) . the m (MORE)