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What does extinguishes mean?

A simple meaning of Extinguishment is end something. Also called as to take away or bring to an end something such as a hope, feeling, custom or practice. If it's related to d (MORE)

How a flames get extinguish by a fire extinguisher?

either:    removing oxygen to suffocate the fire;   removing heat to stop further ignition; or   changing the chemical reaction with the fuel   But I have one (MORE)

ABC fire extinguishers extinguish fire by cooling it down?

No, the ABC extinguisher uses a dry powder chemical composition that by its application displace the oxygen required to maintain the ignition process. additionally, since it d (MORE)

What extinguishes a fire?

The "Fire Triangle" indicates that a fire requires fuel, oxygen and  heat to continue burning. Removing any one side will cause the  reaction to cease.   You can:   (MORE)

What type of fire is extinguished with a 'Class A' fire extinguisher?

Class A fires are fires that leaves behind ash, including wood, paper, foliage, etc. A Class A extinguisher is optimized for this type of fire, but doesn't work as well (or so (MORE)

What fires do CO2 extinguishers not put out?

Anything that doesn't need an outside source of oxygen to burn, such as ammonium nitrate + fuel oil (fertiliser bomb). Realistically, i don'tknow of any. Magnesium metal bu (MORE)