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Is extortion bribery?

No... they are in some way kind of opposites... Extortion is that a threat of some kinda has been made, and unless some sort of payment is made. The threat will be carried ou (MORE)

What is the definition for emotional extortion?

Emotional extortion is controlling or manipulating someone else's emotions for your own personal gain or selfish need. One example: As a female, I met a man on a dating site. (MORE)

What is the difference between extortion and dacoity?

The term dacoity is an English version of ḍakaitī , for the Indian "Dacoits", or robber gangs. Although robber bands, mobs, and gangs may use extortion (the threat of damag (MORE)

What is difference between theft and extortion?

Extortion is the offence carried out by overpowering the will of the owner, while Theft is the offence which is committed without the consent of the owner. The offence of exto (MORE)
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How does extortion differ from robbery?

Robbery differs from extortion in that the property is taken against the will and without the consent of the victim, unlike extortion, where the victim consents, although unwi (MORE)