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Cricket extra what is it?

An "extra" in cricket is a run that is attributed to a batting team  but not to any specific player. There are five types of extras:   No balls - If a bowler fails to make (MORE)
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What is meant by nulla bunding?

Nulla bunding is a type of crop irrigation system. It involves  creating lateral trenches here and there on sloping ground and  surrounding them with a stone wall to keep th (MORE)

What is the origin of the phrase 'Extra Extra Read all about it?

  In the UK, street newspaper vendors in the late afternoon or evening would use the call 'Extra, extra, read all about it' to announce there was a 'breaking news' type st (MORE)

How do you get extra credit?

Not all teachers will give extra credit assignments. You need to ask each teacher whether you can get credit for extra work, and if so, what should you do for extra credit. (MORE)

How do you do extra gcse?

You can do extra GCSE's by asking the teacher, whose subject you are interested in, if they can run sessions after school, therefore allowing you to get extra GCSE's whilst st (MORE)