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No load current in transformer?

No loaded condition the current on the primary side provides only core or iron loss. there is no current at the secondary winding.
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What is no load current in transformer?

load is the key word. load means there is no device, for example motor,lights.speakers, ect. on th secondary side of the transformer, there are two components to a transformer (MORE)

How does load sharing in transformers happen?

For parallel operation of let's say two transformers, following limiting conditions must be met. 1- The turn ratios must be same. 2- The percentage impedance must match. 3- Th (MORE)

What is the load side of a transformer?

The load side of a transformer feeds the device, such as a light or motor. It is the output of the transformer. The input, or line side, provides the voltage that is to be tra (MORE)

Why no load current in a transformer is high?

A transformer's 'no load' current is not 'high'. On the contrary, it is zero! 'No load' means that there is nothing connected to the secondary (output) of the transformer -i.e (MORE)

What is no load transformer and load transformer?

When transformer is connected to a load i.e; some machine, it is called at on load or load transformer and when a transformer is not connected to any load it is called at no l (MORE)

What do you mean by no load of transformer?

  Transformers voltage ratings are typically at full load.   For instance, A 24 VAC, 10A transformer will have a terminal voltage of 24 when it is feeding 10 amps to a (MORE)

What is no load current in a transformer?

A transformer's 'no-load current' is the primary current flowing, when the secondary winding is open circuited -i.e. with no secondary current flowing. The no-load current (Io (MORE)
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