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What is extraterrestrial?

Beyond this land/this world. Beyond this land/this world also extends into multiple dimensions, into things that are not normally perceivable by the trained, educated "terre ( Full Answer )
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Are there extraterrestrials?

Nobody knows. It seems very likely, considering the huge amount of planets in the Universe. But it hasn't been confirmed yet.
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What are extraterrestrials?

I have been working on a Science Fair project on this topic, as I am very interested in other intelligent, free-will life forms. In my opinion, aliens, or the E.T. are not sm ( Full Answer )
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Is there extraterrestrial life?

The honest answer is that nobody knows. None has been found so far, but that doesn't really mean that there isn't any, since we humans have not been able to closely investigat ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of extraterrestrial?

"Extra" = 'outside of' or 'beyond' "Terrestrial" = an adjective referring to Earth "Extraterrestrial" = adjective saying that the thing is outside ofEarth Examples: -- 'ex ( Full Answer )
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What does extraterrestrial mean?

the opposite of terrestrial No, "extraterrestrial" is not the opposite of "terrestrial." "Terrestrial" pertains only to "of the Earth" and is generally interpreted to be exc ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of extraterrestrial?

Extraterrestrial are unknown humans. They are humans, but different kinds from different planets. Like aliens and UFOs. The scientific community think this is true. They think ( Full Answer )
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Is there such thing as extraterrestrial?

Yes. Our U.S. Government has documented over 80 different alienspecies just in our own galaxy. Some are hostile and some arefriendly. And some live among us all, believe it or ( Full Answer )
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Is there aliens or extraterrestrials?

We aren't exactly sure but we have found out there is some kind of living organism on the moon but it's almost to small to tell. It's like living bacteria.
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Are there extraterrestrials on the moon?

There have been no scientifically documented observations ofextraterrestrial beings on the moon, although, many people believethat there may be a "moon base" on the dark side ( Full Answer )