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What is the Effect of extreme hot and extreme cold weather on plants?

The reaction of photosynthesis needs energy, so cold weather does  not help plants to create food. In extremely hot weather the  plant's enzymes are denatured so they lose t (MORE)

Why is half of mercury extremely hot and other extremely cold?

Since the planet is so close to the sun it is tidally locked. That  means it won't spin. So one half is always facing the hot sun and  one half is always facing the cold dar (MORE)

What is extreme climate?

the high or low temperature at a very high range is called extreme  climate
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What are extremities?

An extremity on the human body is another word for limb which  refers to any jointed appendage. This normally applies to arms and  legs but can also include the feet and the (MORE)

What is extreme exaggeration?

extreme exaggeration is called hyperbole. it is used to emphasise or make you relize something that might not have been important if it werent exaggerated
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What is the opposite of extreme?

For extreme (immoderate), the opposite would be moderate, limited, or mild. For extreme (extraordinary), the opposite would be average, ordinary, or tame. For extreme (sev (MORE)
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Why do you do extreme sports?

Extreme sports gives me a rush of adrenaline. For people like me, who take part in extreme sports whenever they can, we do it for the thrill, for the fun. I've been sky diving (MORE)

What was extreme nationalism?

It demanded that people should be absolutely loyal to the nation and support its foreign expansion. It emphasised national glory.
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What is extremes?

Extremes is the plural of the noun extreme. The definition of  extreme is either of two abstract things that are as different from  each other as possible.