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What is extruded aluminum?

Extruded aluminum (or aluminum as they say in England) is just aluminum squeezed through an oriface. Just like that play-dough toy where you squeeze out a length through vario (MORE)
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What is meant by hot extruded materials?

\n. \nExtrusion is the process by which long straight metal parts can be produced. The cross-sections that can be produced vary from solid round, rectangular, to L shapes, T (MORE)

What is extruded forms in autocad?

Extrusion is a manufacturing process used to create long objects of a fixed cross-sectional profile. A material, often in the form of a billet , is pushed and/or drawn thr (MORE)
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An extruding machine is used to extrude what?

What type of machine extruders is usable for these material ( uhmw or vhmw ) ?? and what is the process for built sheet 1 cm tich. x 1000 mm . Thks Mauro Pellini Brazil
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What does an extruded knee mean?

An extended knee means when your leg is straight. A hyperextended knee means when it is pushed back beyond straight which can result in injury.

What are the advantages of extruded plastics?

There are several advantages for using extruded plastics. These include: the production capabilities of plastic extrusion technology allows one to manufacture high volumes; co (MORE)