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What is extruded aluminum?

Extruded aluminum (or aluminum as they say in England) is just aluminum squeezed through an oriface. Just like that play-dough toy where you squeeze out a length through vario (MORE)

What is meant by hot extruded materials?

      Extrusion is the process by which long straight metal parts can be produced. The cross-sections that can be produced vary from solid round, rectangular, to L (MORE)
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An extruding machine is used to extrude what?

What type of machine extruders is usable for these material ( uhmw or vhmw ) ?? and what is the process for built sheet 1 cm tich. x 1000 mm . Thks Mauro Pellini Brazil

What are the advantages of extruded plastics?

There are several advantages for using extruded plastics. These include: the production capabilities of plastic extrusion technology allows one to manufacture high volumes; co (MORE)

How do you prepare and extrude liposomes?

I would recommend the T&T NanoSizer Liposome Mini Extrudersfrom T&T Scientific. These extruders use polycarbonatetrack-etched membranes. Each T&T NanoSizer Mini Extruder isful (MORE)

Is there an automated liposome extruder?

Yes, Of course. T&T Scientific NanoSizer AUTO. Patent pendingautomated NanoSizer™ Auto continuous extrusion equipment is nowavailable, enabling clean, fast, and inexpensi (MORE)