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How extrusion forms?

  An extrusion is an igneous rock layer formed when lava flows onto Earth's surface and hardens. Extrusions are always younger than the rocks below it.

What is a extrusive rock?

Any ingenious rock derived from magma that is poured out or ejected at the Earth's surface. Extrusive rocks are usually distinguished from intrusive rock on the basis of their (MORE)
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What is extrusion and intrusion?

intrusion - intrusion is when magma cools down inside Earth. extrusion - extrusion is when lava cools down on Earth.
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Why do extrusive rocks have air pockets?

they have air pockets becuase they form so quickley' that air pockets get trappped inside of them' while intrusive rocks take time to form & no air pockets are able to get int (MORE)
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What does intrusive and extrusive mean?

These two terms are used to classify igneous rock. Intrusive igneous rock has solidified from magma, below the surface of the Earth. Extrusive igneous rock has solidified from (MORE)
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What is extrusive?

There are two classifications of rock, intrusive and extrusive.  Extrusive rock is formed when magma erupts from the earth's crust  and solidified

What are extrusive rocks?

Extrusive igneous rocks are formed by magma. The magma is  crystallized after being pushed to the surface of the Earth. They  usually are very fine grained. A really common (MORE)
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What is a disc extrusion?

Disc extrusion is a degenerative condition of the spine and is also  referred to as a herniated or ruptured disc. The condition causes  material to leak and from characteris (MORE)