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How extrusion forms?

An extrusion is an igneous rock layer formed when lava flows onto Earth's surface and hardens. Extrusions are always younger than the rocks below it.
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What is extrusive?

There are two classifications of rock, intrusive and extrusive.Extrusive rock is formed when magma erupts from the earth's crustand solidified
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What are extrusive rocks?

Extrusive igneous rocks are formed by magma. The magma iscrystallized after being pushed to the surface of the Earth. Theyusually are very fine grained. A really common extrus ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of extrusion?

the act or process of extruding. also: a form or product produced by this process Thrusting or forcing out. The volcano extruded lava. I extruded my dog from the house after ( Full Answer )
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What is extrusion?

Extrusion is a process used to create objects of a fixed, cross-sectional profile. A material is pushed or drawn through a die of the desired cross-section.
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What is extrusions?

Metal heated to be soft enough when pulled through hardened dies produces long prismatic sections on cooling, called extrusions. Used in metallurgy, plastics processing.
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What does extrusion mean?

\n. \n Extrusion is a process used to create objects of a fixed cross-sectional profile\nor,\nextrusion is the process ofconfining the metal in a closed \ncavity and then al ( Full Answer )
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What is polymer extrusion?

Typically it involves the melting of a plastic from pellet shape through an extruder. The plastic is melted to soften and then goes through a die to give it it's shape. It can ( Full Answer )
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Is shale extrusive?

No. Extrusive and intrusive are terms that apply to igneous rocks.Shale is a sedimentary rock.
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What is a synonym for extrusive?

arresting, beetling, bulging, easily seen, embossed, extended , extrusive, eye-catching, flashy , hanging out, hilly, in the foreground, jutting, marked , noticeable , obt ( Full Answer )